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Roca Inmovible Press Release
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Roca Inmovible is Back!
January 15, 2012 | Retweet

What can we say to those who thought we no longer are a group? The truth is, we are still together and yes, we are still performing. Now, we understand that you may have questions as to why it appeared we broke up but with this release, we will try to answer any questions as we can. If you have any questions, feel free to email us and we will answer them as an update to this release.

Early in 2011, I, Ellison Tavico, decided to stop all promotion of the group. It was quite evident that we have stopped promotions when our last video was uploaded onto Youtube on March 7, 2011, the last press release on our site was on August 10, 2011, and the last photo update on our site was June 10, 2010.

You may be asking why I decided to stop promoting Roca Inmovible. The answer is quite simple, we are no longer the same group as we were in 2009. To expand on that statement, we have lost many of the band members for various reason and have gained many other band members to replace them. This transition takes time so I personally figured that it was best not to promote the band until we as a group get familiar with each other. If you were to think of it in another way, 2011 was the band's rebuilding year.
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