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Contact Us

There are mutiple ways to get in contact with us. The easiest way is to contact either Nelson Maldonado or Josue Maldonado by phone. However, due to our policy of not publishing phone numbers due to privacy concerns, you must have their numbers already or find someone else who has their number. That does not mean you can't contact us at all; you can contact us via electronic mail or snail mail.

Electronic Mail (E-Mail)

This is the fastest method to communicate with us other than calling a phone number. All messages are read by the webmaster. You may use our email address to send suggestions, comments, and more. You may not, however, use our E-Mail to send spam or scams to us. If we detect any scam in our Inbox, the message will automatically be sent to the United States Federal Trade Commission. Any message that needs a response may get a response within one to two weeks.

Snail Mail

The other way in which you can contact us is by Postal Mail. Although not as fast as the E-Mail, we still take things very seriously. Like with our E-Mail address, you may send suggestions, comments, and more. You may not send spam or scams because they will be tossed out once received. For all mail, the sender must provide their name and a way to communicate with them (we prefer a contact phone number). Any mail that needs a response may get a response within a month, unless we have another way of communication.

Iglesia de Dios Pentecostal
Re: Roca Inmovible
27 Crescent Ave.
Chelsea, Ma. 02150
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