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Roca Inmovible Press Release
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Start of a FAQ, Maybe!?
July 28, 2009 | Retweet

After all that is going on with Roca Inmovible, it seems that we have been getting a lot of questions. We feel that some of these questions should be answered as quickly as we can and therefore, decided to put them as a press release. If you have anymore questions after this, please feel free to email us.

How can I get a picture of the group for a flier/poster/website/etc.?

At the moment, we don't have an official picture of the group. We have been trying to get a group picture for a while but there have been certain conflicts within the group, especially when timing the photo shoot. If you absolutely need a photo, we will be giving our latest group picture, which is a group picture with Jonathan Fuentes.

How come there are other musicians with the group on the events that are not mentioned on your website?

Once again, this is due to conflicts with timing. There will be times when members of the group have something already planned for that day and time, such as work or vacations. In order to fill the missing spot, one of our current members will fill the spot. If we can not do that, then we will invite musicians that we know to fill the missing spot.

I reserved you guys for some time. How long does it take to respond back?

We will normally contact you within the week after you put in your reservation. However, it may also be longer due to circumstances within our personal life. We will contact you as soon as we can.

Who can I contact if I have any questions?

At this moment, we don't give out numbers of our members for privacy reasons and we do not have a centralized number. We suggest that you contact us through our email located on our contacts page. If you do need to contact us through a phone, we suggest that you contact either Nelson Maldonado or Josue Maldonado. You must, however, have their number already since we will no longer give their number through the internet or email.
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