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Roca Inmovible Press Release
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Home / Press Release / July 22, 2009

Two Big Events with Two Big Names! (Updated)
July 22, 2009 | Edited: July 28, 2009 | Retweet

When it comes to upcoming events, we will always try to inform you the date, time, and location of the event. If we receive a flier from the event, we will also post it on the homepage of our website, edited to fit the size of the slideshow with a link to the original flier. However, this time, we have two big events, one of them advertised and the other not as much.

The event advertised on our website is a church service featuring us performing in a church we have performed at many times. In fact, we performed there a couple of weeks ago and it is where we recorded two of our newest videos, “Mas Alla de Todo Redux” and “Because of Who You Are.” The location is Victory Chapel Church at 301 Columbia Ave. in Dorchester, MA. This time however, the service has created more hype because the service features Evangelist Randy Island giving the preaching. We expect this to be a great service and may have new video footage or pictures from this event.

The other big event coming up is on August 3, 2009. Unlike the other event, this event really did not get much advertisement from us with the exception of being featured on our calendar. However, in and around Boston, MA, this event has been extensively advertised. However, most people don’t know that we are performing there. The event is a concert and it features Hector “El Father” and many more. We expect this concert to be big, since it is being performed at the Jeremiah E. Burke High School in Dorchester, MA. This event will be our first time we performed in this school in over five years.


We just received the flier for the event on August 3, 2009 and it is available on our homepage until August 3, 2009.
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