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Home / Multimedia / Video Archive / Mas Alla de Todo Redux (2009)

Mas Alla de Todo Redux

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Year Taken: 2009
Year Published: 2009
Availability: Youtube | Yahoo | Myspace | Veoh | Viddler
Time: 5:32

This video features Roca Inmovible performing "Mas Alla de Todo" by Marcela Gandara on May 30, 2009 in Dorchester, MA. In the video, it shows vocalist Elizabeth Donez singing and the musicians includes Josue Maldonado (Pianist), Nelson Maldonado (Bassist), Nelson Maldonado Jr. (Drummer), Joseph Santiago (Guitarist), Jose Candelario (Percussionist), Lisette Maldonado (Trumpeter), and Ellison Tavico (Trumpeter).
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