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Roca Inmovible Press Release
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New York Ciy, NY - September 14-15, 2007

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Since Roca Inmovible's members are the musicians of Iglesia de Dios Pentecostal, CLA. of Chelsea, MA., it is only natural to say that Roca Inmovible's members are a part of CLA (Concilio Latinoamericano de Nueva York [in English: Latin-American Council of New York]). With that said, we were quite excited to have been asked to be the musicians at the 2007 AJEC (Associacion de Jovenes Embajadores de Cristo [in English: Association of Youth, Embassadors of Christ]) convention in New York City. We left Friday morning to be there and perform by Friday evening. We didn't leave New York until Sunday morning so that we can arrive back to Chelsea, MA. for the Sunday service.

La "Sinagoga"
115 E. 125 St.
New York City, NY
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